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The Oh No!  I clicked on it and then...

Probably our least favorite project calls are also sometimes the most urgent.  Someone clicked on an Email attachment or a popup on a web page and then strange things began to happen...

The single most important thing to do every day is to BACKUP.  Backup your stuff, work stuff, personal stuff, all of your stuff.  if you don't know how or if it is working then ask your friendly IT person whoever they are to help you check it out.  If you are infected with many of the recent ransom malware strains, your data is simple gone or scrambled beyond recovery.  Pay them or not and it is still probably gone.  PLEASE backup your stuff!  Only then can we (or someone else) help you restore your systems.

Project / Puzzle

Protect yourself and your systems

The second most important step after backup is to pay for and maintain some sort of professional antivirus/malware software.  It is very inexpensive these days and while far from perfect, is vastly better than nothing.  if it is not up to date, it is then only slightly better than nothing.  we can help you find something that works for you, but at least read a few reputable antivirus reviews (not just one) and pick products that score in the top 5 for a year or two.  There is so much competition that the leaders trade places constantly.

When in doubt, though, just resist the urge to click.  🙂  You can click later if needed.