Here is a collection of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ.

Should I back up my data?

Only the data you think is important when it is lost.  🙂

It is very closely related to the old dentistry question. "Which teeth do I need to brush?"  The answer is "Only those you want to keep..."

In all seriousness, you should backup and maintain backups for everything you believe is valuable including keeping at least three copies.  Please put them in more than one physical location and not with the original system!  We have worked with unfortunate people who had everything backed up religiously on three separate devices and had all of those devices in the same bag with the laptop when it was stolen.  OUCH!  There are many, many methods to backing up today.  Please pick at least one, but two should be even better.

Is this (insert technology here) a good deal?

The answer is much harder than you would think.  The first problem is it is most likely the wrong question.  Technology is a fickle thing.  It is worth vastly less than you paid for it, even right after you purchased it.  Most of the time it will never be worth amount again to anyone else.  The labor and time you put into a technology product, learning about it, evaluating it, acquiring it, implementing it, retiring it...  (See all those "it" words?...)  Each one takes time and resources from your life and your business.  What matters is the the value you get from it, not the original cost in $.  Over the life of most technology solutions, the upfront purchase price is only small piece of the actual cost.  Let us help you ask the right questions up front to get you where you want to be with less wasted effort.

Do you have Retention Department?

Of course!

I say that somewhat in jest, but to make the point that if a company has separate retention department of any size at all then that is the first problem they should address.

Every one of us is in the Retention Department!  In our opinion, everyone in the company should be part of customer retention.  We are all dedicated to your success.  Certainly, we want to be successful too, but that is in addition to your success, not instead of it.  Our success comes from you telling us and sharing with others about the fantastic job we have done for you.