Our Approach

Our Approach

We understand that Information Technology is a vital part of both business and personal life today.  Information is the key word in this phrase.  Your information and business process is the most important component.  Understanding your ideal information workflow is a critical link in your business success. Technology is there to support and enable you, not the other way around.  As much as we enjoy what we are able to do, the primary value to us is that you are empowered to reach your goals.

Our Story

How we arrived here

We have spent more than 20 years in Tulsa and the surrounding area working with organizations from just one owner to thousands of employees.  Much of that experience has been participating with energy and healthcare organizations and we have seen over and over again that while technology marches on, the individuals and their business process can be left behind.  Our focus is to help you select, implement and support the technology and processes that best fit your current and future needs.  We are technology agnostic in that respect, we don't have a particular philosophy to push other than to see how it works towards your success.

Meet the Team

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Service Above All Else

Julie McCormick

Founder & CEO

Julie started her career with a degree in electrical engineering.  Since then she has worked to become an expert in designing and implementing office desktop and workflow process technology.  She has more than 15 years of expertise in the energy industry and the healthcare industry working closely with a range of  company sizes from very small to Fortune 50.  These companies include oil and gas both upstream and downstream healthcare specialties such as dentistry, physical therapy, medical laboratories, and more.

Her great and passionate anchor is her family including her husband and four children.  They are often a source of both amazement and joy.

Corey McCormick

Corey McCormick


Corey has spent more than 20 years following the progression of technology and implementing it in business solutions to solve real world problems.

His primary methodology  takes a holistic approach to solving problems that incorporates all the moving pieces involved in your systems.  His has a great affinity for all things technical in many areas but especially in IT, Energy and Healthcare.

He has a passion for teaching as much as he can along the way, returning at least some of the many learning opportunities he has benefited from to this point in his career.

Spending time with his wonderful family is his most rewarding experience.  His wife of nearly 20 years and four amazing children are a constant source of enjoyment.

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Technology you control


Technology has progressed to the point today that it is a rare event indeed when there is not a solution for your business.  Our joy is to work with you to research and implement the best solution that fits your requirements, budget and time frame.

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